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ABC Locksmith Saves £2 Million With Glazesafe Stronghold

ABC Locksmith, the London based company is illustrating how a large number of different firms could save a significant amount of money by installing the award-winning products that are offered by Glazesafe. ABC Locksmith has managed to save more than £2 million since it switched from using the traditional scaffolding solutions to adopting the innovative Stronghold product from Glazesafe. This adoption means that there has been a large reduction in outgoings while also allowing the firm to invest in other businesses in a range of critical areas.

Stronghold is the second innovative creation that has been brought to the market by Glazesafe. This product has been developed in order to offer both efficiency and safety while also becoming a vital tool for tradespeople while working from a height. Stronghold has been created from lightweight but durable materials and is seen as the perfect solution for transferring from location to location as well as storing away when the product is not in use. ABC Locksmith has been using Stronghold since 2015, and it has made the company astonishing levels of savings. The product is freestanding and works to have robust mobile anchor points while also providing a barrier system, ensuring the maximum level of safety possible for the professionals and the public while work is being carried out.

Scaffolding leads to huge additional costs for a project, therefore a solution of this necessary requirement is a great way for businesses to save money while also gaining the access and safety required. Working in the trade sector, scaffolding used to be the best option in terms of safety, however, Stronghold has been developed on the safety principles of this traditional access method while also improving efficiency, costs and ease of use.

Stronghold works by providing two anchor points that allows two engineers to works safely and independently. The product also features points where light tools and equipment can be attached, removing the risk of objects falling. Stronghold is already in use by a number of different companies and conforms to safety standards in place in the UK as well as Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

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