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About BDC

Building Design & Construction magazine is constantly at the forefront of this fast-moving and dynamic industry. With sound journalism and up-to-date news and reaction to the stories that are affecting your industry today, BDC magazine keeps you one step ahead.

For over a decade, BDC has been the go-to resource for business professionals in the industry. With its contemporary design, a news section packed with current events, interviews with the trade’s top professionals, and in-depth case studies on leading businesses, the magazine puts you in touch with the developments of your industry. It’s our business to help your business.

With a fresh and current approach, the magazine has attracted an engaged readership with subscribers including Management Level Executives and Key Decision Makers. When you pick up a copy of the magazine you’re in good company.

BDC Team

Kenneth Booth
BDC Manager
Dan Stephens
Charlotte Walker
Managing Journalist
Sean Marsh
Jade Hallas
Megan Wooler
Britteny Sutcliffe
Daryl Crowther
Print Designer