Ciaran JaroszAs Editor-in-Chief of leading UK building magazine, Building Design & Construction Magazine, Ciaran heads up the Editorial and Marketing departments that produce both the printed and online content for BDC Magazine. Ciaran has both interviewed and written pieces on leading construction companies within each and every segment of the construction industry, but has a specific interest in the property sector. Articles Ciaran has produced include those on key building sector names such as: Savills, Knight Frank, One Housing, Interserve, Metrus, Buildbase, Dulux Trade Contract Partnership, Mainstay Group and Interactive Space.

As for online content and news reporting, Ciaran has a focused interest in property news, architecture news and procurement news, viewing all three as core areas of both personal and readership interest. Most specifically, Ciaran likes to follow the flow of finance within the construction industry, highlighting innovation, investment and how value can be created from existing assets with suitable asset management techniques.

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Kenneth Booth, Magazine ManagerWith 15 years behind his belt in this sector, Kenneth has a keen interest in the construction and management of buildings, striving to learn more and more with each passing year. As a member of the launch team for Building Design & Construction Magazine, Kenneth has seen and followed some of the industry’s leading stories; whether it be the laying of the foundations for Heathrow’s terminal 5, the design and build of the Shard all the way through to the organisation and management of London 2012 Olympics, he’s been there for the entire journey. Kenneth handles the majority of the sponsored and advertorial content, pushing the envelope of businesses looking to use Building Design & Construction as a mode of communication for their marketing agenda. With a profound understanding of how construction and property professionals can best put the right foot forward, Kenneth is able to support, and guide the marketing agenda of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Dan Stephens, Contributing EditorThe longest standing journalist on the team, Dan has been writing for Building Design & Construction for some four years and, with an expert understanding of the issues and challenges presently being faced in the construction industry, brings to the table an unrivalled understanding and clarity. Maintaining a highly specialised interest in health and safety, both on and off the construction site, Dan is a passionate champion of those organisations operating responsibly. Specifically, Dan handles many of the safety-centric topics for Building Design & Construction Magazine and is a keen advocate of CHAS and those associated with the scheme.

Daryl Crowther, Marketing Manager

Daryl Crowther, JournalistAs both journalist and marketing manager for Building Design & Construction Daryl covers a broad range of subjects. Daryl has written for various publications – both consumer and trade – over the past decade and is highly regarded within the industry. Particularly interested in new, emerging technologies and their application to the modern construction industry, Daryl works across many of the topics relative to hardware and software development for the construction industry, application development and digital procurement.

Josh PhillipsOne of our most regular contributors to the website, Josh covers a wide variety of building related topics for Building Design and Construction, and is a keen champion of those organisations operating responsibly and within the realms of fair play. Always looking to push the envelope on fair, open and transparent business, Josh considers fair play in the industry to be of paramount import and, as such, looks to focus on supporting those organisations deemed credible as industry champions and role models.

Shawni Dunne, Journalist

Shawni DunneAn outspoken and talented journalist, Shawni has a keen interest in getting to the bottom of many of the modern challenges experienced in the construction industry. A keen conversationalist and investigative journalist, Shawni has a way with cutting through the small talk to the meat of the issue, coercing in-depth discussion, debate and an analysis of the core concerns of the modern construction operative. Within the sector specifically, Shawni maintains a core interest in facilities management, building services and scaffolding.

Sean Marsh, Journalist

Sean MarshThe latest addition to the team, Sean is an experienced and capable journalist who always approaches editorial content with a clear head and a concise strategy. Always keen to partake in discussing the core topics of the day, Sean is perhaps the most fluent conversationalist in the department and his voice remains one heard from the computer to the stairwell. Indeed, having worked with us for a sizeable amount of time to date, Sean is by no means a newbie to the team and, instead, brings with him a whole host of expertise in building related topics in his own right. Some of these areas include: Building Information Modelling, defense and infrastructure, and health and safety.