Bell Flow Systems Have Been Asked to Supply An ATEX Rated

Bell Flow Systems Have Been Asked to Supply An ATEX Rated

Bell Flow Systems was first established in 1997 and focuses on providing flow measurement solutions to the industry. Both Bell Flow Systems and their sister company Cortex Displays Ltd have adapted since they were first established and now look to meet the new demands and challenges that they face as part of a constantly changing market. The companies now work to build systems and manufacture display and instrumentation as well as a range of products that are suitable for the renewables and environmental market.

Bell Flow Systems have been asked to supply an ATEX rated, accurate and reliable monitoring system as part of their continuing collaboration with a company that specialises in aviation fuel an d is based at Heathrow Airport. The monitoring system to be supplied by Bell Flow Systems is also required to have a live digital flow rate readout.

Bell Flow systems have been asked to create this new system for the aviation fuel company in order to replace and old positive displacement meter that had stopped working. However, the company wanted to avoid having to replace all of the established pipework and it was requested of Bell Flow Systems that the new meter met the same face to face length as the previous one. It was also requested that the screen be tilted to a 45° angle in order to make it easier to read for the operator.

With the requirements that were provided, Bell Flow Systems were able to tailor make a BLFT Turbine meter that will be able to fit in to the system without having to change any of the pipe work. The 1 ½ turbine meter has a flow range of around 55-550 L/Min as well as being able to operate between the temperatures of -30°C and +120°C. These functions combined with the ATEX pickup and display makes the product created by Bell Flow ideal for the type of application.


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