Average salaries by job and location

Where Can Construction Jobs Earn Workers The Most Money?

A brand new interactive online tool has analysed 14,236 pieces of data across the 50 biggest British cities to help users determine whether relocating in 2017 would make them any better or worse off depending on their job. Jobs analysed include architecture, building surveyor, chartered surveyor, facilities management, project management, quantity surveyor and site manager.

Average salaries by job and location, property costs, the average fees associated with moving home and the number of jobs in each field per 10,000 people have all been analysed to help users of a brand-new tool work out whether a 2017 move to a new UK city would benefit them financially or leave them worse off.

The Best UK City widget, built by www.Web-Blinds.com, asks users to choose an occupation from an extensive drop-down menu and state the city they live in or a city they are considering relocating to.

The tool then directs users to a series of in-depth results pages, showing how each city compares to the rest when it comes the cost of moving and setting up home, the number of job opportunities and an overall table.

For example, for Building Surveyor jobs, London scores 39/49 overall, with the following rankings:

  • 3/49 in terms of salary, with an average annual income of £41,254
  • 49/49 in terms of the cost of property and average fees/furnishings, with an average cost of £616,944
  • 12/49 in terms of job opportunities, with 38.31 jobs per 10,000 people

LINK TO TOOL: https://www.web-blinds.com/resources/city-jobs-comparison/

Kirsty O’Sullivan, spokesperson for www.Web-Blinds.com, said:

“People move to the big city for many reasons – but an improved pay packet is often high among them. That said, people could end up worse off if they move to a city with high accommodation costs. After all, what’s the point in moving for an extra £100 a month if your mortgage jumps up by even more?”


  • Kenneth Booth, Magazine Manager

    With 15 years behind his belt in this sector, Kenneth has a keen interest in the construction and management of buildings, striving to learn more and more with each passing year. As a member of the launch team for Building Design & Construction Magazine, Kenneth has seen and followed some of the industry’s leading stories; whether it be the laying of the foundations for Heathrow’s terminal 5, the design and build of the Shard all the way through to the organisation and management of London 2012 Olympics, he's been there for the entire journey. Kenneth handles the majority of the sponsored and advertorial content, pushing the envelope of businesses looking to use Building Design & Construction as a mode of communication for their marketing agenda. With a profound understanding of how construction and property professionals can best put the right foot forward, Kenneth is able to support, and guide the marketing agenda of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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