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Casino Design – How It Gets You To Gamble More

The vast majority of people love trips to casinos, whether in Sin City, Macau or anywhere else around the globe. However, what most do not seem to realize is that casinos are actually scrupulously designed mazes that effectively force people to spend insane amounts of money and lose all track of time. This is actualized through clever casino planning and design.

Here are some casino design elements that keep players hooked for far more than they should be.

Disorienting Arrangements

In most casinos, once players have stepped foot inside, getting to a restaurant, a restroom, a retail outlet or the like involves taking a convoluted route that makes it very easy to get lost. This is no accident, with the intent being that disoriented players who are unable to find their way to wherever they wish to go will choose to abandon whatever they might have previously resolved to do and instead focus on having fun at any of the numerous slot machines, craps tables and the like. However, such a trick does not apply to online casinos like

Time Flies

There are never any clocks in a casino. This is because the casino does not want players bothered with the passage of time or thinking about their appointments for the day. Essentially, this leads to a suspension of both space and time, with this impression being reinforced by the lack of windows by which players can gauge how much time has passed since they sat down to gamble at a casino table.

Mazing It Up

There’s a reason why casinos prefer a maze design with exits and entrances that are randomly arranged, as well as narrower, shorter passages, over straight and lengthy rows with countless slot machines and gambling tables arranged in order. The reason has to do with avoiding overwhelming players with the goodies on offer and instead forming small islands where players can effectively feel at home and so spend forever playing casino games.

Comfort Me

Casinos go out of their way to make their players feel super comfortable. This fact can be most clearly seen in high roller rooms and suites that are designed for the utmost comfort and convenience. As can be imagined, comfortable players do not feel any need to go elsewhere and can play for long periods without tiring.

Player Engagement

One key way that casinos effectively prevent players from even thinking about going home is through the crafty engagement of all the senses. This includes the playing of chirpy music, displaying an array of bright lights and ensuring lots of exotic smells and scents. All these motivate players to keep on playing till the cows come home and retire for a cud-chewing session, when they should instead be thinking of quitting and coming back another day. Casinos also offer free food, drinks and the like to tired players to invigorate them and can comp a room where tired players can have a short rest.

And that’s it, folks! The next time you pay a visit to a casino, do look out for all the above-listed details and disregard them at your likely peril!

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