Chester Company Prodo Housing Win Award

Chester Company Prodo Housing Win Award

A marketing company faction known as Prodo Housing with a location in Cheshire has recently been awarded for its efforts of designing a special online app at the Housing Innovation Awards this year.

It is a sign that the building and construction industries dealing with the development of housing all across the United Kingdom can be pleased that they are paving the way not just physically but also in the digital age. The enterprise was rewarded for their efforts by being given the trophy for the Most Innovative Housing App and the award was for Orbit Move.

This unique house acquisition app enables potential buyers to quickly and simply sort out the administration necessities that usually cost more time and money if done on paper, but is made much easier in no more than five simple online stages. The app itself was designed in collaboration with an app-building company known as Orbit, who specialize in creating online apps in the housing industry and have  a client base of more than 100,000 people dotted all over the different expanses of the country. The judging panel was clearly in awe of the new online tool, which will help to facilitate the home and property acquisition processes that are usually such a headache and a drag for customers all over the country.

Whilst the English reportedly like queues, all they will need now to acquire property that they can afford will be having access to that special app, and time and money will be saved in the long run thanks to the combined inventive efforts of Orbit and Prodo Housing. Paul Billington the MD of Prodo was delighted that the app was such a success at the event and was pleased to see his company’s efforts being recognized and rewarded in such a lavish and congratulatory way. It is a sign that the building, construction and property industries can go forward with the digital revolution after all.


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