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Investment Market Still Supports Property

Property has long been a favourite amongst investors looking for a stable and long term return. Hearthstone Investments has released data that showed over the short term, property could see a return of 7%, with equity seeing a return of 12%. However, after 10 years both investments see return of around 8% and after 15 years, property can achieve a return of 12%, whereas equities return less and 8%.

Due to its stability, especially during the political climate and future impacting the stock market, investors focus on the popular buy-to-let market. This market looks even more appealing considering the price of houses means that more of the younger generation are spending longer in the private rental market before managing to get onto the property market. However, the Government have been making changes in order to discourage this investment, increasing stamp duty for second home purchases and reducing the amount of tax relief received by landlords.  This means that more and more investors are moving on, focusing their attention on the Luxury market, with a number of different property investment funds suggesting that you could receive double digit returns on investments in the luxury sector.

Luxury property investment does need more capital, which is a daunting prospect for those new to the investment market.  The Luxury Property Show at London Olympia is a perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded people and look at a number of different investment possibilities. Over the last decade this show has become a central event for those in the luxury investment sector, with a wide range of networking and learning potential. The Luxury Property Show also gives investors to in with developers and those working in real estate to discuss the current key trends as well as match those looking to invest with the perfect property or fund to suit them.

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