Mass Passenger Transit System has Been Submitted by Knight Architects

Mass Passenger Transit System has Been Submitted

A Mass Passenger Transit system has been submitted that will connect London Luton Airport to Luton Parkway railway station. Arup has submitted the plans for a scheme that will be called Luton Airport Gateway, a small section of the larger plans to connect the airport to the rail station. The Mass Passenger Transit system is a plan that is set to cost £200 million and will improve access to the busy London airport. The transfer from the centre of London when the proposed scheme is completed will be 30 minutes. Luton Airport is the fifth biggest and fastest growing airport in the UK.

The proposed system will be completely automated and will be open for use 24 hours a day in both directions. The project will use the latest system technology and will be innovatively designed to run. The new system will run alongside the current main railway line before crossing a proposed new bridge to the Airport.

The London Luton Gateway Bridge will be a landmark as well as serving a purpose. The asymmetrical design will draw the viewers’ attention towards the horizon, a nod the journey ahead for those travelling on or below it. The bridge will span 72m across the Airport Way, and those driving below the bridge will have the prime view of the structure. The topchord of the structure is designed to illuminate at night with an active-LED system to allow proper lighting on the bridge without causing disruption to the nearby aircraft. The lighting will be built in to the bridge’s structure and will differ from the conventional lighting process which involves lighting the bridge from below.

If the plans for the scheme are approved, work on the new transportation system could begin by the end of 2017. The projected opening date for the system is currently Spring 2021.


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