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As one of the leading UK construction publications, Building Design & Construction Magazine represents one of the premier print and online platforms for PR and marketing activity. With over 10 years of experience under its belt, the publication has developed a concrete readership and irrefutable position in the market.

Featuring those organisations which work in a responsible manner, Building Design & Construction Magazine is a key advocate of corporate social responsibility across the building sector, promoting responsibly initiatives across the industry where appropriate. Within this, health and safety takes a premier position in the publication alongside sustainability and green construction.

Coverage in Building Design & Construction Magazine is offered on a sponsored or supplier-support model, allowing for organisations to showcase excellence in the publication whilst simultaneously being able to offer an extended layer of promotion to key contractors and suppliers with which they work. Further information on this process can be provided on request, and one of our team would be happy to assist with any information required.

Aside from editorial coverage, advertising opportunities are always available within Building Design & Construction Magazine. With a wide range of advertising placement opportunities, marketeers working with the magazine are able to secure varied placement sizes in both the print and online versions of Building Design & Construction Magazine as is customary with all magazine advertisements.

At Building Design & Construction Magazine, we understand that no two marketing campaigns are the same. As such, we are always on hand to provide bespoke marketing packages tailored to your specific requirement.

As for the form of marketing opportunity, Building Design & Construction Magazine is able to work on a traditional advertising placement basis, or alternatively along the lines of advertorial content in the magazine. For this, full editorial support can be offered for advertorial space, ensuring that communication with our readership is done in a way which supports an effective return on investment.

Marketing activity can also be tied to additional editorial coverage or be translated into long-term marketing campaigns at a lower cost-per-placement – marketing activity in Building Design & Construction Magazine can be as flexible as the most agile of marketing budgets. For more information on bespoke marketing packages, please see below or contact a member of the team for more information.

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Double Page Spread

Print & Online Magazine

Trim: 440mm x 297mm
Type: 400mm x 260mm
Gutter: 20mm
Bleed: 5mm

*VAT Not Included

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Print & Online Magazine

Horizontal: 183mm x 128mm
Vertical: 90mm x 260mm

*VAT Not Included

Quarter Page Advert

Print & Online Magazine

Horizontal: 183mm x 62mm
Vertical: 90mm x 128mm

*VAT Not Included

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Opportunities on the Building Design & Construction Magazine website vary considerably in size, scope, and type. Our website maintains an open-door policy for industry professionals and organisations to utilise our platform for the purpose of marketing and the dissemination of business intelligence through editorial contribution.

Although we maintain an open-door policy for engagement with our platform, Building Design & Construction Magazine still retains a strict policy on the differentiation between marketing and editorial content to ensure that readers are not unwillingly engaging with unsponsored marketing content.

We operate on an open and transparent basis with regards to the opportunities and benefits of working with Building Design & Construction Magazine online. As such, we are keen to develop working relationships with like-minded organisations and individuals to enhance our platform with rich content on an ongoing basis.

To discuss editorial inclusion on the Building Design & Construction Magazine website, we would encourage you to get in touch to discuss your thoughts, ideas and potential news contributions further. For marketing opportunities, please see the opportunities as listed below. Get in touch for any further information and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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