Metal and Glasswork Company has Benefited From and Increase

Metal and Glasswork Company has Benefited From and Increase

The metal and glasswork company, Essential Projects has benefited from an increase to the number of projects that they have been working on. This means that the company has been hiring more staff in order to make sure that they are still offering the same degree of customer service to their clients while also dealing with the larger amount of work. Essential Projects has carried out work for big brand names such as Next, Oakfurinitureland and Waitrose. Essential projects are wanting to expand and offer their bespoke architectural solutions made from steel, carbon fibre, granite, glass, timber and ceramics. These tailored projects are all carried out within budget with efficiency and accuracy.

One of the new staff that is now working at Essential Projects is Kieran Hickman. The role Kieran will be carrying out for Essential Projects design engineer. Because of the new jobs that have been won by Essential Projects, Kieran will be a valuable new member of staff. By increasing the number of staff working for Essential, the company hopes that there will even more growth for the business.

Kieran’s job specification for Essential will be to complete technical drawings as part of the quotation process. The design impressions created by Kieran must be technical enough to cover the process involved in completing the design. CAD images created by Kieran and the technical nature of the designs will be needed in order to order and procure the correct parts to complete the project. The designs that have been drawn up by Kieran will also help the business collect the correct components as fast as possible.

Before he was employed by Essential Projects, Kieran worked for Metreel. In his role as a mechanical design engineer, and began looking for other job prospects after his previous role started to get monotonous. He began his career as an apprentice for an engineering consultancy company, and at his new job, Kieran will be able to use all of the skills he has learnt over the years.


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