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Mick George Diversifies into Vehicle Leasing

Mick George are diversifying and will be looking to offer vehicle purchasing and leasing services. Construction companies are not necessarily the first companies to look at when exploring the idea of purchasing or hiring vehicles. However, it is worth considering that companies in this industry are able to efficiently operate and maintain over and above 400-strong fleets in some cases.  

However, before making this move it is imperative that a construction company fully understand the market it is moving into, as well as have the foresight to carry out the move and have the knowledge to add to their service portfolio in order to move successfully.

Mick George Ltd have done just that and made the leap into the commercial vehicle trade. In order to carry out this expansion the company have come to an agreement with one of their established vehicle suppliers, who shares the same vision and ethos as the construction company.

Steve Howell is the part owner of Neva Consultants after generating a range of experience throughout his career, which began in Car Sales in 1981. At Neva, Steve pays a central role and has been directly involved in the turning over of up to 2,000 cars a year to a range of different satisfied clients. Steve has been working with Mick George for a number of years, especially with the Finance Director Jon Stump. After helping Jon source a BMW 323SE, Steve became involved in the supply of the Company Cars, Lorries, and Tipper Trucks in volume for the construction company.

The car leasing market is stable and buoyant that the moment, and Mick George Ltd will be offering vehicles at a much reduced rate while removing the hassle of maintaining the vehicle and any risk of depreciating value. This plan will be attractive to customers and will offer the construction company an innovative way to stay ahead in this uncertain market while still complementing the core of their business services.

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