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Monolith Brick & Stone Develop new non-combustible façade product

Following the Tragedy that took place at Grenfell Tower earlier this year, construction companies have been working on developing better fire resistant products, especially for cladding. Monolith Brick & Stones, a company based in North Wales appears to have created a new building façade product that in non-combustible.

The product that has been created is a panel that features 12 brick slips that are held together with an integrated mesh and then fused onto the bricks. Each of these panels can then fit together like a jigsaw. This panel will also then deliver a non-combustible façade for any building. The mesh between the brick slips have been incorporated seamlessly into the panels which means that there is no need to use glue to fix the panel.

This new panelling fits together easily and quickly and could then cut down on labour costs because of this efficient application process. The product will be ideal to be used on the construction of new buildings but could also be applied to the exterior of existing properties, which could be a reassuring solution for any concerned building owners and residents.

As part of the creation of this façade produce, Monolith Brick & Stone are able to replicate almost any brick façade to order, making it a suitable product for a wide range of applications. The company has experienced a high level of demand for the product already, as construction companies and public bodies all around the UK and beyond are eager to try out this new product.

This innovative product has been developed by Monolith as a solution to the increased fear and perception around safety after the events at Grenfell. The availability of this new product is great news as it will offer a cladding solution, but it will also offer a peace of mind to developers, specifiers and the public in the aftermath of such a terrible event.

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