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Natasha Bray Appointed as Senior Associate for Rapley’s Neighbourly Matters Team

Rapleys has recently announced the appointment of Natasha Bray as a Senior Associate. The company has been operating for more than 60 years in order to provide their clients with professional advice and services in the UK. offering a range of property and planning consultancy advice for a wide range of sectors.

As part of her new role, Natasha will be working to head up the neighbourly matters team in London for Rapleys. The neighbourly matters service was launched earlier in the year, with the dedicated national team managed by Dan Tapscott. There has been a clear interest and demand or this service which covers Rights to Light, Daylight & Sunlight, Party Walls and Access Arrangement services. Rapleys offer this service for both developers and neighbours to developments.

The neighbourly matters service has been a success and, because of this, is being expanded, allowing them to commission more work from all property sectors and clients, including those who are both old and new to Rapleys. There has been excellent feedback from this service and it appears to fit well with the existing multi-disciplinary property and planning consultancy teams, meaning that Rapleys’ clients get the best advice possible.

Natasha is highly experienced as a Right to Light and Daylight & Sunlight practitioner who will be an asset to this expanding company has the offering develops. Natasha has said that she is excited to get to work in this role and help the neighbourly matters offering develop. Rapleys are committed to being the leading figure in the neighbourly matters arena, and Natasha will be integral in driving these plans forward.

The property consultancy team are also looking to recruit for their expanding team, urging those who are interested in being a part of the neighbourly matters team to contact them or to seek out extra information.

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