Beamshield Plus is manufactured from high-strength EPS. This means that concrete flooring blocks are no longer needed

New Digital floor insulation product instructional app launched for house builders

Derbyshire-based expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer, Springvale (, has launched a new free instructional mobile app.

The quick and easy installation guide will help building contractors using Springvale’s suspended ground floor insulation product; Beamshield Plus.

The app is available for smartphones and tablets and will sit along the range of online digital resources already available.

Produced by Whitefield-based ADZ Media, the app features a resource library of instructional videos. There are also detailed illustrated descriptions of the Springvale Beamshield Plus installation process. And a full range of troubleshooting tips and tricks for the perfect finish.

For Springvale sales and technical director, Shaun Ryan, said: “This is another example of how Springvale innovate with a clear focus on our customers’ needs. We have designed this digital  app to save customers wastage, time and  money.

“Just like Springvale Beamshield Plus, the app combines the latest technology with simplicity. The app means that all the information you will ever need is right there at your fingertips.”

Introduced in 2008, Springvale Beamshield Plus units are already used by over 40 house builders throughout the country.

Beamshield Plus is manufactured from high-strength EPS. This means that concrete flooring blocks are no longer needed. They fit snugly between and below concrete T beams. And this provides both the total floor insulation and a base on which to lay the structural concrete topping.

Beamshield Plus also eliminates the need for additional insulation.  The shape of the panels have been carefully developed to minimise thermal bridging at the T Beams. When installed, Springvale Beamshield Plus panels form an unbroken layer of insulation below the beams.

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