Northern Arc Named as a Winner of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge

Northern Arc has been announced as the winner of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. The proposal was led by both Ryder Architecture and Arup has been chosen as one of the ten winners in the global challenge. The teams had to compete against thousands of entries, submitted from around the world.

The Hyperloop One Global was an ideas competition that looked for a range of innovative opportunities where practical application of the evolving Hyperloop technology could be explored. The Northern Arc’s idea was an economic opportunity to widen the concept of the Northern Powerhouse in order to include the Scottish Central Belt, and in doing so, linking a wide range of major cities located across the North of England.

Hyperloop is an innovative technology that will allow passengers to travel between all cities in a little over 45 minutes, according to The Northern Arc’s ideas. This could lead to the creation of a Pan-Northern City region, with a population in excess of 10 million people and the ability to compete on the world economic stage. Hyperloop, when teamed with other improvements to the transport network that are currently underway could keep future generations moving. The Northern Arc team is committed to be at the front of the innovation as other similar technologies to Hyperloop are developed.

One of the partners at Ryder, Paul Bell has expressed the team’s excitement to be a part of the proposal and collaborating with Hyperloop. Hyperloop One is at the moment working in Nevada on a proof of concept work. The developments being made with this technology are taking place at a significant rate and the technology could offer a new transport innovation. the north of the UK was pivotal with providing railway technology to for the world, and The Northern Arc are committed to making sure that the north is at the forefront of the next transport innovation.

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