Novus Property Solutions Helping to Connect the Clinical Education Centre and the Lyme Building

Novus Property Solutions Helping to Connect the Clinical Education Centre and the Lyme Building

The dynamic maintenance, refurbishment and new build contractor, Novus Property Solutions has been helping to connect two parts of a site at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. The work included repairs to the elevated walkway. The repair project was over a busy road on the site and is important to connect the Clinical Education Centre and the Lyme Building. The area of the University Hospitals of North Midlands hospital was busy and well used but rusting and in need of repair.

Novus started work on the project to repair the bridge in October 2016. Because of its location, the bridge needed a fully encapsulated scaffold unit that offered a safe plane for the Novus team to work as well as protecting the general public while the work was being carried out. The team also had to take in to consideration the busy road and impact on the traffic while the work to repair the bridge was ongoing. A comprehensive road and traffic plan had to be implemented on the site with a pedestrian diversion throughout the project.

The three months of work started with the removal of the lighting on the bridge. The light fittings were sent away in order to be refurbished and installed with new LED lighting. The structure was not originally built to be painted, but since the rust was so extensive it was decided that the structure was to be repainted in order to protect it and prevent any further decay. This repainting happened after the repair works were carried out and a high performance anti-corrosion paint was selected with a blue satin finish. The paint came from RUST-OLEUM and is designed to offer long-lasting protection against C4 classed corrosion. The walkway surface also needed some repairing and it was blasted to clean it before it was treated with a highly durable anti-slip product to finish. The work to the bridge was finished in January 2017 and will allow staff and visitors to keep using the bridge for a long time.


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