You may have seen some huge skips on building sites, but there's every chance that your small bathroom renovation project doesn't need such volume.

Skip hire: Crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s for the next big job

It doesn’t matter if you’re not directly involved in the construction trade, there will most probably come a time in life when you do require skip hire at some point. In fact, if you’ve chanced across this article – we’ll safely assume it’s now.

For big renovation projects, or if you’re just going through the mother-of-all clear-outs, a skip is pretty essential. We all know about the legal aspects of disposing of rubbish and debris, and a skip for most of us is the easiest way around this.

Unfortunately, this is a topic which has a few questions attached. Let’s now take a look at some of the biggest issues you need to cover if you are about to hire a skip for your next project.

The permit-factor

First and foremost, we’re not going to give any hard and fast figures through this guide. If you want to find a rough idea for the cost of the container itself, take a look at Envirowaste skip hire prices. As you may have noticed, we’re here to talk about a different cost in this section.

That cost surrounds permits. This is something that is commonly forgotten about, which comes as no surprise if you’ve never dealt in the currency of skips in the past.

In a lot of cases, you’ll need to purchase a permit if you have hired a skip. Such cases are when the skip is being placed on council land (such as a road), and considering the vast size of a skip, we’re going to assume that this is going to be most of the time.

Fortunately, the price isn’t overly prohibitive although again, there are no definitive figures to put out there. While some might surpass the £60 mark, in other regions it might cost just £15. Nevertheless, on projects where you are attempting to budget to the penny, it’s these sort of costs which can make it uneconomical.

You may have seen some huge skips on building sites, but there's every chance that your small bathroom renovation project doesn't need such volume.

Unwanted additions

Following on from the last point, you will most probably start to see a flurry of unwanted additions to your skip if you are keeping it on a public road.

Most people have junk to throw out – and the sight of a skip on the road is the best invitation to get rid of it.

Not your problem? Unfortunately, it is. You are responsible for every single piece of waste in there, even if you don’t see it going in. If an item which is prohibited is found, you might incur a fine. It’s worth mentioning that these items tend to always be found as well as everything is separated after the collection.

How big should your skip be?

You may have seen some huge skips on building sites, but there’s every chance that your small bathroom renovation project doesn’t need such volume.

Skips come in all shapes and sizes and in most cases, you’ll just need to hire a mini (2-3 yards in size). The next size up is the midi (4-5 yards in size) and suffice to say, these are significantly cheaper than the huge alternatives which can sometimes surpass 40 yards in size.


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