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Skip Hire: What You Need To Know

Skip hire services, while second nature to those in the construction industry, can seem a daunting enterprise for those who may have never used one. From knowing what you can and can’t throw in them to deciding what size to hire, skips for some are alien; but they needn’t be. From the skip hire services you should expect to see available to the benefits you can enjoy and of course, the many uses associated with them, we want to share the ultimate guide to skip hire – what you need to know. Let’s take a look.  

Skip Hire Services Available

Domestic – domestic skip hire covers households that may be renovating their homes. Whether you’re redoing your bathroom or clearing the garden, domestic skip hire is available for all your non-commercial or trade needs.

Builder/Trade – builder or trade skip hire usually refers to smaller tradesmen or a builder, usually working alone that may be carrying out smaller jobs such as the renovations a client isn’t able to do themselves. While still technically commercial, they aren’t considered a company, rather sole traders or loan workers.

Commercial – commercial skip hire is quite possible the biggest umbrella term as it covers everything from small companies to large, industrial sized companies that require skip hire and waste management on a regular basis.

Wait And Load – ideal for both domestic, trade and commercial uses. The wait and load skip hire service does exactly what it says on the tin. One of our team will arrive with the size skip of your choice, wait while you load it and leave. This is ideal for those in need of multiple skips in quick succession or those without the space to house a skip for a prolonged period.

The Benefits Of Skip Hire

Whether you’re a commercial client or domestic, everyone can appreciate the same benefits that skip hire can offer; from simple convenience to cost.

Convenient – it’s one of the biggest reasons people choose skip hire – sheer convenience. skip hire with Mackers means simply telling them what size skip you want, when you want it and where you want it. Some companies offer same day delivery of your skip, quickly and efficiently. If the skip will be placed on your front drive or private site, great, if not you can even pay for the necessary skip hire permit needed to place them on a public road.

While some may argue that you could of course take your waste to your local council skip, there’s always the question of how you’re going to get it there. This can be especially problematic for particularly dirty or dusty jobs, when you don’t own a commercial vehicle.

Add on the time needed to load and unload your vehicle as well as drive to and from your local tip and it makes perfect sense to simply have a skip delivered to you. No need to worry about opening times and the added labour of unloading your vehicle when you get there.

Cost – many assume the cost of a skip and immediately decide against it, when they can, “sling it in the car and take it to the tip myself”. What many don’t realise however, is that skip prices start from far lower than most assume.

Then of course when you take into account the time it takes travelling to and from your local tip, as well as the cost to clean and in some cases, repair your vehicle and it’s a no brainer. Don’t have a vehicle and have to rent a van in order to do it yourself and you’ll find yourself spending a lot more money than perhaps even multiple skips would cost.

Save Your Car – our cars, besides our homes, are perhaps some of the most expensive purchases in our lifetime. We work hard to pay for them so why risk damaging them by filling them with rubbish, waste from renovations, old metal and more, just to save spending money on a skip. Not only would you risk damaging the interior of your car but you would be adding unnecessary mileage on to it too.

Try cramming too much in there and you’ll also risk the sight of blue lights pulling you over before laying a heavy fine on you. Just imagine how many trips you’d have to make to the tip in order to move the same amount of waste a small 6-yard skip could hold.

Environmentally Friendly – using a company such as, Mackers Skip Hire, you not only find a convenient and cost-effective way to rid you of your waste but you also find an environmentally friendly skip hire method too.

Mackers Skip Hire

In short, using a professional skip hire company will not only save you time but it will also save you money. Add to this the ‘green’ factor as well as the damage you’ll save to your car and it makes perfect sense to hire a skip instead. For more information on the skip hire services check out Mackers Skip Hire.

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