The Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are more popular than ever – not just in industrial environments but in homes, hotels and even restaurants. But what’s behind their popularity? The team at Total Concrete are here to tell you.


Concrete as a material is not commonly associated with beautiful decor and surfaces, however, polished concrete can be a superb surface that can complement almost any interior design. The sleek aesthetic works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as wider spaces like hotel lobbies – it still possesses the uniform presence of concrete, but the polished aspect gives it a little more class.


Providing you make sure to maintain the concrete floor as necessary, it can last for years on end. Its strength means that it can withstand even the heaviest of footfalls – perfect for busy commercial environments like shops and restaurants – and there’s no need for major facelifts or maintenance like there may be with other types of flooring.


Concrete floors require hardly any maintenance compared to other services. All you need is a pH-neutral cleaning agent, some warm water and a mop. Wiping the floor down once every so often will ensure that marks are removed and the hygiene levels of the floor are preserved. It is recommended that you re-seal or wax the concrete every two to three years to ensure it retains its water-resistance.


A polished concrete floor is an investment, owing to its fantastic lifespan and the lack of costs associated with its upkeep and maintenance. It’s on-trend at the moment, too, so if you were to sell a property with a polished concrete floor in it, you can be sure the pricetag of your property would benefit from its presence.

Colour options

The days of concrete only being grey are long gone; now, concrete is available in a spectrum of colours. There are a couple of ways concrete can be coloured; acid staining is one such method, but a modern technique is using pre-cut coloured overlays – thin pieces of concrete – and placing them on top of the floor itself. Concrete floors needn’t just be used for warehouses and and hangars, they can be used for anything – kitchens, bathrooms, shops, you name it. All you need is a trusted installer and some high quality concrete .

This article is produced by Total Concrete , proud suppliers of the highest quality concrete for customers throughout Surrey, Woking and the surrounding areas.

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