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Vital Energi Sign Second Hospital Energy Saving Contract in Gloucestershire

Following the successful completion of the low-carbon energy project that took place at Cheltenham General Hospital, Vital Energi has signed a contract with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in order to carry out a second project. This new project will mean that the Trust will, overall save more than £13.4 million over the course of their contract terms.

This new energy project has been procured by the Carbon & Energy Fund, for whom Vital Energi will design and install a 2.5MW CHP system, which will then be incorporated into the Trust’s existing electrical, heating and hot water systems used at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Vital Energi will be working with a local distribution network operator, WPD in order to deliver a new High Voltage electricity supply that will be able to supply the hospital with an increased electricity supply resilience to the hospital estate. This electricity supply can also connect the CHP unit to the national grid.

One the work has been completed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Vital Energi will then provide a fully managed energy service which will take place over a 15-year term that will also include the operation, maintenance and lifecycle services of the new CHP system as well as the Trust’s existing steam and hot water boilers installed at two energy centers in the hospital.

This energy project with Vital Energi will save Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust more than £750,000 each year and reduce the Trust’s carbon emissions by another 2,800 tonnes each year. These savings mean that across the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital, the energy projects that have been delivered by Vital Energi will save in excess of £13 million and will cut CO2 emissions by more than 80,000 tonnes over the course of Vital Energi’s 15-year contract term with the Trust.

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