25-tonne Cat for restricted spaces

25-tonne Cat for restricted spaces

Caterpillar has refreshed its offering in the 25-tonne crawler excavator segment with the new short-tailswing Cat 325F.

Compared to its 321D L CR predecessor, the 325F provides the same productivity while offering increased lifting capacities (up to 7% over-the-front, and up to 9% over-the-side), and a 12% fuel consumption improvement, the manufacturer says.

The Variable Adjustable boom and stick allow working closer to the tracks in confined areas and provide increased lifting capacity.

For long-term durability, the 325F uses a modified X-frame design to withstand digging and lifting forces. The heavy-duty undercarriage also uses massive track frames, heavy-duty track rollers, forged carrier rollers, and grease-lubricated track chains that significantly extend chain life and reduce sound when the machine travels, Caterpillar says

The Stage IV-compliant C4.4 ACERT engine, which is up to B20 biodiesel capable, uses a variable-speed fan to further reduce energy consumption. A high-pressure fuel system has a newly designed pump and injectors for optimum combustion, and a high-efficiency filtration system protects components from wear and deposits that can result in over-fueling.

Electrically controlled boom- and stick-regeneration systems recycle oil in cylinders instead of exhausting it to the reservoir, resulting in reduced loads on the main pumps for increased fuel economy and faster response. Quick-couplers and tool-control systems work with available auxiliary-hydraulic circuits to support a range of attachments.

On-board technology includes Cat Grade Control, delivering 2D bucket-tip-elevation guidance to assist operators in forming precise planes and slopes, eliminating much of the staking and grade checking typically required. The AccuGrade system provides 3D guidance for making complex cuts and contours.

25-tonne Cat for restricted spaces

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25-tonne Cat for restricted spaces
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