Makita adds new products to extensive accessory range

Makita adds new products to extensive accessory range
  • Rugged mains/cordless LED work-light
  • Carbide reciprocating saw blades for wood and metal
  • Diamond hole-saw set, 6-25mm, with water feed

Makita continues to expand their accessory range constantly adding useful new lines and improved blades, bits and cutters for best possible performance. The latest additions include a rugged site work-light that can be powered by mains or by Makita’s high performance Lithium Ion batteries; a new series of carbide tipped reciprocating saw blades that will efficiently cut through timber and nails, and a new set of diamond tipped hole-saws ideal for cutting accurate holes in tiles for bathroom installations.

The new Makita DML805 LED work-light will run on 240v mains power or 14.4v and 18v Lithium-ion batteries from the Makita range. The twenty 0.5watt LED’s provide a bright and even light and there is a full beam and low level setting on the simple push button control. The light unit is mounted in a rugged moulded carry cradle with flat base and top handle that can serve as a hanging bar. A simple rotating knob releases the angle setting which can spin through 360°. Ideal for site operations this work-light features Makita Extreme Protection Technology, XPT, against water and dust ingress. It has three tripod mounting options as standard. Using a 4.0Ah 18v Makita Li-ion battery the DML805 LED work-light has a continuous run time in high setting of a useful 6.5 hours.

“It is wise to remember that high performance Makita power tools will achieve the best results when used in combination with our quality accessories,” says Kevin Brannigan, marketing manager, Makita UK.

The new Makita Tungsten carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades have a new shape of saw tooth which gives faster cutting and longer life. Designed to cut through timber where metal nails or fixings require cutting, these new 1.25mm width blades are available in three lengths: 152mm, 228mm and 305mm. All these saw blades have 6-8 teeth per inch.

The new Makita diamond-tipped hole-saw kit brings together the individual hole-saws available in the range. Users will find these hole-saws invaluable for cutting through ceramic and porcelain tiles or glass in bathroom and kitchen installations. The electroplated diamond-tripped hole-saws must be used with the water feed tube supplied in the six piece kit which includes 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 25mm diameter hole-saws.

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Makita adds new products to extensive accessory range

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Makita adds new products to extensive accessory range
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