Pub Worker Sentenced after Illegal Gas Work in Torquay

Illegal gas work at a flat in Torquay has landed a pub worker in hot water. Geoffrey Voss illegally installed a gas boiler and gas pipework at a flat in Torquay.

Geoffrey, 59, was working in a pub in Torquay before illegally installing a gas boiler in a property on Old Torwood Road.

Voss holds no competencies in the area of gas work and has never held any competences in gas work and has not registered with the Gas Safe Register, he was sentenced for his illegal installation and illegal activities after he was investigated heavily by the Health & Safety Executive.

As a result of the investigation Geoffrey admitted that he had not followed the strict guidelines in regards to the health and safety of the gas fitting, both in installation and follow up, including testing to ensure that he boiler wasn’t omitting carbon monoxide, something that could <insert> putting the homeowner in potential life threatening danger.

Mr Voss’s case was heard at Newton Abbot Magistrates’ Court, after the homeowner asked for the legal documentation for the new gas boiler, after Mr Voss repeatedly ignored these requests the home owner contacted the Gas Safe Register with his concerns.

Voss, pleaded guilty to 2 breaches of regulations, and resulted in 36 weeks imprisonment, and told to pay costs of £757. The breaches were Regulation 3 (3) and 33(1)(C) of the Gas Safety Regulations.

Simon Jones, HSE Inspector stressed in a statement after the hearing about the importance of engineers with the appropriate training and registrations carrying out gas work. It was only a matter of fortune that no-one was harmed as a result as illegal work that has not been properly commissioned can result in risk of explosion, carbon monoxide poisoning or fire.


Pub Worker Sentenced after Illegal Gas Work in Torquay

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Pub Worker Sentenced after Illegal Gas Work in Torquay
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