£1.3b Windfarm Work Halted due to Spawning Fish

Work on a wind turbine farm in West Sussex has been halted by spawning fish; the work has been halted on the farm after just started on the foundations for the farm. The work is scheduled to resume in July on the Rampion Offshore Windfarm so not to disturb shoals of the black seabream in their spawning season.

The construction of the windfarm also had issues earlier last month when they discovered an unexploded ordnance so their teams will be spending this break trying to find a solution for the situation.

The 116 turbine initiative is hosted by E.On and the UK Green Investment Bank said the the construction remains on track and is unaffected so far by the recent issues with the construction. Experts are currently determining the best course of action moving forward.

A spokesperson for the project stated that 18 turbine foundations had now been installed and, as planned, piling and further work has been paused to help protect the black bream spawning season that could potentially slow down progress on the project.

A spokesman for MMO (Marine Management Organisation) stated that the recent spawning issue was identified after the MMO recently received a marine licence application with the intention of disposing the unexploded ordnance and relocate boulders.

The MMO placed a condition of the licence, stating that the work could not be completed between the 15th of April and the 30th of June in any year due to the natural environment. The condition can be waved if Rampion can provide evidence of high sufficiency stating the form of noise modelling proving beyond reasonable doubt that there will be no effect to the spawning black seabream.

Boulder relocation can go ahead during the restricted person, though the MPI Discovery vessel used to lay new foundations has left the site and will return when major works resume.


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£1.3b Windfarm Work Halted due to Spawning Fish
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