Redrow Helps Keep Children at West Monkton Primary School Safe

A housing developer is helping ensure children get to school safely while a footpath is temporarily closed near Taunton.

Redrow Homes has paid for a new temporary road crossing and lollipop person at the The Heathfields site in Monkton Heathfield.

Construction at the site has led to the temporary closure of a footpath which is used by many children and parents to reach West Monkton Primary School.

Charlotte Munday, area sales manager for Redrow South West, said: “We take our position as a responsible developer very seriously and this includes ensuring our building work has minimal impact on the surrounding community.

“As soon as we were aware of the need for a footpath closure near our site and the site of the new school we took action to ensure a safer environment for those accessing the school.”

The build of the new homes meant that Weston Monton School was given provision to grow in the development plans, including the relocation to the new site.

Mr Robinson, head teacher of West Monkton Primary School, said: “Our school is a thriving and growing community, in every sense of the word.

“On the edge of a new housing development, West Monkton has grown from a seven-class school into an 14-class school with the capacity for 420 pupils and a 52 place nursery, whichopens in January.

“Operating at the heart of an on-going area of development we are faced with many challenges. We have been working closely with the Highways team at Somerset County Council, the local community and local councillors to ensure that the journey to school is a safe one.

“One of our recent concerns was regarding closure of a footpath that many staff, parents, pupils and visitors use to get to school each day.

“Fortunately for us the developer concerned, Redrow, has put funds in place for a School Crossing Patrol which provides us with great peace of mind to know our school community can cross the road safely.”

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Redrow Helps Keep Children at West Monkton Primary School Safe
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