New MD at The Landscape Agency

The founder of The Landscape Agency Patrick James, who created it as far back as 1998, has passed the baton of Managing Director to Alex Robinson. The Agency is reportedly very satisfied with this and are confident that the move will secure the long-running success of the company  and ensure the future is forever bright at The Landscape Agency. Mister Robinson’s background is not that of a new outsider: he has been with the company for the last seven years as a Senior Landscape Architect and seems to be fully at home within his new  position. Commenting on his new appointment, Mister Robinson expressed his unadulterated passion for landscaping architecture. It is clear that when Robinson looks at a large tract of space, what he does not see is a mere plot of land but a goldmine of various different possibilities, a Pandora’s Box of architectural landscaping potential. As for the founder Patrick James, he will still oversee the future of TLA but in a less managerial position, acting instead in the more stately role as its Director and Founder. Mister James is pleased by this sequence of events, and sees the appointment of a new managing director to his company as a way to celebrate its upcoming 20th birthday with the style and panache that it so blatantly deserves. Based in York, The Landscape Agency has worked with numerous leading architects and concerns itself with subjects in the field as diverse as land regeneration to country houses and stately homes. Their rapport with environmentalists and concern for the ecosystem has also ensured that The Landscape Agency maintains good relations and an equable balance between modern 21st Century development and preserving the wonderful natural landscapes and vistas that the British public hold with such pride and high regard. And with a new enthusiastic Managing Director at its helm with experience from within the company itself, it seems that things can only get better for The Landscape Agency.

New MD at The Landscape Agency

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New MD at The Landscape Agency
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