4 Little-Known Benefits of Metal Construction

When it comes to choosing materials from which to have a structure built on your property, you probably haven’t even pondered the benefits of metal construction. Most laypeople think of wood frames and shingled roofs and paneled siding, but few ever wonder just what kind of benefits they can derive from custom metal buildings. Actually, there are quite a few benefits, but perhaps the most attractive would be the following.

1. Inedible

It may sound funny to you now to hear that metal buildings are inedible, but that’s exactly what they are! Rodents and termites cannot eat their way through the structure, which makes them a perfect building material in climates prone to termites, especially. Many times, termites literally eat through to the timbers that form the foundation of a building, causing irreparable damage to part or all of the structure. This is never the case with a metal frame and why for many buildings, metal is the preferred material.

2. Durability

There is almost no building substance on earth as durable as metal and although both aluminum and steel are used in the construction of buildings, steel may be a bit more durable, but aluminum comes in a close second. Frames are typically not cast in aluminum, which is generally reserved for siding and roofing in some areas, but nonetheless, it lasts much longer than even concrete and if properly ‘sealed’ with paints and coatings, metal will not rust and degrade easily over time.

3. Sustainability

Metal has the ability to be melted down and reused time after time and so is considered to be the most sustainable building material available. Even when not properly cared for, metal can be recast and used for other purposes, or again as a building material, but unlike wood that depletes our forests, metal can simply be reused. For this reason, many homeowners opt for a custom metal carport in lieu of a built on garage. With such an emphasis on going green, metal outbuildings and carports are in high demand.

4. Cost-Effective

For all of the above reasons, metal is considered to be the most cost effective material used in the construction of buildings in use today. It will not be eaten away by vermin and it is durable enough to withstand extremes in weather conditions such as high winds from cyclonic activity. Being sustainable, there is no replacing it once it has served its purpose as it can be melted down and reused. This helps to keep the cost low because new material is not being grown or produced. Recycled products tend to be less costly than other materials for this reason.

In conclusion

So there you have four of the ‘little-known’ benefits of metal construction. If you thought about it, perhaps you would have come up with them on your own but few people actually think in terms of a building being ‘edible’ or ‘inedible.’ Yes, it sounds funny, but not to the homeowner who has to pay tens of thousands to repair damage to his home because termites ate their way into the timbers framing the foundation.

4 Little-Known Benefits of Metal Construction

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4 Little-Known Benefits of Metal Construction
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