ARCA Becomes Latest Member of Contamination Expo 2017

ExCel London will be hosting a Contamination Expo Series this year on the 27-28th of the month of September. So what? You might ask. Well, the real reason for excitement is that this special event aims to draw awareness to members of the building and construction industry the various pitfalls and dangers of various substances and methods of working that are currently topical in and around the United Kingdom. Such things as contamination risks and waste hazards are discussed and presented to attendants, indicating that the overall event is an extremely useful way of ensuring that members of the workforce are made fully aware of the dangers that they face in the workplace. Far more instructive than any annual asbestos training day, the conference is an ideal way of giving people the chance to find out the various issues that need to be dealt with in the building and construction industry.

What is even more exciting about this event is the actual presence of ARCA, a company that specifically specialize in the removal of asbestos from homes in the United Kingdom. Whilst many might think that issues of asbestos are issues of the past and of gangster Mafia movies, this is certainly not the case and many properties that were built around the 1980s may contain asbestos within the wall fibers of the home. It is therefore essential to all that companies like ARCA have their voices heard in order so that they can educate site managers and builders on how to deal with this very real issue in the building and construction industry that has been a real danger to individuals for decades and yet still has not gone away.

Steve Sadley the CEO of ARCA is pleased that the company will be able to, as was the case last year, attend the event and therefore will be given an excellent opportunity to raise awareness to builders and property owners on the legal peccadilloes of asbestos and the services that ARCA actually provide to tackle the issue.


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ARCA Becomes Latest Member of Contamination Expo 2017
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