Avant Homes Joins Forces With British Gas

A property development company that specializes in building and constructing homes all over the United Kingdom known as Avant Homes has recently joined forces with energy provider British Gas. This is a very important occasion for both companies as it involves the first partnership between them as part of Avant Homes’ implementation of an all-inclusive proposition in the way of wireless thermostats known as Hive Active Heating. This special type of thermostat enables the home user to benefit from being able to regulate the heat in their homes wherever they are located so long as they have access to the internet.

This means that large amounts of wasted energy can be saved by residents lucky enough to be in homes built and constructed by Avant Homes, who have made this ambitious move in the hope that their customer satisfaction rates will soar to even greater heights than ever before. Operating all over the different expanses of the country in areas that include Scotland and the areas of Yorkshire and the Midlands, this new technological device is being built into Avant locations all over the place throughout the course of the year. Indeed, this is an excellently innovative from Avant Homes who continue to lead the way with flying colors as a major player in the home building industry.

As the company’s CEO Colin Lewis explains, the company is always looking at ways in which it can grow and expand to improving the lives of its lucky future residents and part of this means a consistent involvement and exploration of the various forms of technology that are becoming more and more available on the market. In collaborating with British Gas to improve the lives of potential property residents, Avant Homes indicates itself as a prime example of what businesses in the construction sector can do to invest into the future.

Avant Homes Joins Forces With British Gas

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Avant Homes Joins Forces With British Gas
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