BCA Opens a New Center in Manchester

BCA Opens a New Center in Manchester

The Belle Vue area in the bustling city of Manchester is experiencing an exciting building and construction initiative that will help it to ensure that work is complete on time for an all new LCV remarketing site. The building work itself is well under way and targeted to be completed and ready for the site to roll by Q3 2017. An ambitious venture indeed for the city as a whole, the site will be a total of 6.5 acres large and is situated right next to a 32 acre auctioning outlet. Representing the first time that BCA have ever built a remarketing facility for light commercial vehicles, this represents a very significant step in the business’ progression on the market and will mean that it stands taller than ever alongside other transport and logistics competitors.

Indeed, it has been reported that once up and running the brand new facility will be capable of showcasing under the cover a grand maximum total of 400 vehicles. Similarly, in the company’s emphasis on building more and more areas of technological capability, full “Online Support” will equally be provided once the site is fully up and running. The year 2016 was, despite the financial fluctuations and the economic uncertainty that many businesses have experienced and still are experiencing, a very lucrative one for the transport industry, particularly in the LCV sector.

This is clearly something which BCA plans to capitalize and invest upon and its decision to build in Manchester represents its commitment to generating good transport and logistics services to companies and enterprises in a variety of different enterprises and industries, particularly in the Northern regions of the country. Indeed, Duncan Ward of BCA emphasizes that the Belle Vue area will be ideal not only for the future of the company but also for the future of the plans to make the idea of the “Northern Powerhouse” a reality come true.

BCA Opens a New Center in Manchester

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BCA Opens a New Center in Manchester
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