BioConstruct GmbH Pleased with CooperOstlund Deal

Having collaborated with gas energy expert CooperOstlund in the past few years, members of BioConstruct GmbH have expressed their pleasure that the two companies are forging a contractual deal that will mean the implementation of four new CHP engines at the new CooperOstlund site located in Hartlepool. What this will enable will be the greater devotion of sustainable means of energy by using food waste to produce natural gases that can then fuel the energy of various homes based all over the United Kingdom’s National Grid system. This would also gradually help to ease the pressure off the fossil fuel industries that, with their declining resources and escalating prices, cannot hope to last indefinitely.

On the other hand, there will always be large amounts of food waste which means that they are an enviable and extremely useful source of energy if the waste product can be converted into natural gas: the Hartlepool facilities of CooperOstlund will be able to provide this and will ensure that the company continues to devote itself towards renewable and sustainable sources of energy for the future of the country and of its inhabitants. Indeed, Kai H Roth of BioConstruct GmbH wanted to express that the company they have signed a contract with has a sterling reputation in the business of maintaining and using CHP engines that generate the natural gas that can be used to fuel our homes in the future wherever we live in the country.

This is not the only time that members of BioConstruct have been involved with CooperOstlund: on the contrary, as  Kai H Roth explains, the company helped CooperOstlund on their Imperial Park development initiative back in 2016 and it is clear that the company has collaborated closely with the current director of CooperOstlund, Johan Ostlund. With the Hartlepool plant scheduled to be in operation this March, this initiative is a clear testament to the invested trust and collaboration of businesses that can work together to improve the sustainability of the country and of the rest of the planet.

BioConstruct GmbH Pleased with CooperOstlund Deal

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BioConstruct GmbH Pleased with CooperOstlund Deal
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