County Contractors Have Much to Celebrate

In an age of economic uncertainty, it is more than ever lovely to read about success stories and a South Western building design and construction company known as County Contractors feature today as this day’s happy story amidst all the doom and gloom of post-Brexit Britain. Indeed, the firm has been blessed with being able to celebrate its 40th year in existence in style, since the annual turnout that they have made has been greater than ever, totaling a golden £56 million between 2015 and 2016.

This is excellent but not very surprising news considering the hard work that the firm has been undertaking for so long all year, and County Contractors have been on the front line of many of the most interesting and lucrative building developments in recent times. For example, since their inception in 1976 they have worked on a number of exciting construction products that have included redevelopments of such things as luxury hotels, accommodation outlets and top of the range retail outlets. Recently, they carried out a series of repairs and plans to renovate the luxurious Lancaster Hotel in the city of London: this involved the rebuilding of more than 400 accommodation rooms and the contract was covered at a staggering £39 million.

Now, thanks to County Contractors’ hard and diligent work, the 18-month project is nearing the end of the race and will soon be finished and available to the public. In addition to this, County Contractors also continue the devotion of many building industries towards charities that try and improve the lives of the vulnerable and the down-trodden. In County Contractors’ case, their consistent and enthusiastic support towards Guide Dogs and Cancer Research UK was proven when they succeeded in aiding them to total a raised funding of no less than £48,000 which they achieved by performing a charity bike ride. Ding ding!


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County Contractors Have Much to Celebrate
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