Novus Property Solutions Chairman Speaks on Awards Ceremony

Novus Property Solutions Chairman Speaks on Awards Ceremony

The recent Novus Property Solutions ceremony that has taken place is an event dedicated towards recognizing the ongoing efforts and achievements of the company over the course of the year. With the York office department being blessed with receiving the new Health and Safety award, it is evident from this that Novus wants to emphasize a trajectory in its ethos that provides the safety, comfort and wellbeing of the company’s dedicated team of staff members, who were the reason for the awards ceremony in the first place anyway.

Indeed, the chairman of the company Stuart Seddon expressed his pleasure that the awards ceremony went so swimmingly: the Employee Excellence Awards are indeed a fantastic way of bringing people from all over the company together in order to celebrate the wonderful achievements that the company has made over the years. Through the implementation of a various new number of initiatives and contractual agreements the company has increasingly proven itself to be one of the most hardworking and developing enterprises in the property and development trade. All in all, the decision to go ahead with the Employee Excellence Awards are a sobering reminder that no company or business could actually operate without the dedication and daily efforts of a good staff base, and something like the Novus Property Solutions awards are a good way of reminding individuals that without them, the company would simply not be where it is today.

Stuart Seddon was adamant that the continued efforts and diligence of the dedicated workforce are the reason for these celebratory occasions to take place and that all who attended, whether they won a particular award or not, ought to give themselves a large pat on the back anyway for their hard work over the years. Indeed, with the implementation of new award categories such as safety this year, it is clear that Novus are hoping to credit more and more employees for the hard work and sense of wellbeing that they create every working day of every year.

Novus Property Solutions Chairman Speaks on Awards Ceremony

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Novus Property Solutions Chairman Speaks on Awards Ceremony
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