Phillips Lighting Unravel “Fans-First” Project

One of the major forces in the lighting industry worldwide, Phillips Lighting, have valiantly devoted their services to a project that will see Perth Stadium be the very first of its kind to include fully light-emitting diode (LED) lighting in the whole of the Oceania continent. This will undoubtedly put the stadium on the map as one of the most technologically advanced stadium sports locations in the southern hemisphere and will represent a major progressive investment for the whole of Australia. This initiative is the latest development of West Australia’s Government initiative to put a “fans-first” policy to the ways in which they conduct their developments in the region and the all-surround LED lighting system will be ideal to increasing the visibility and enjoyment prospects of punters attending the stadium.

With the stadium having the ability to contain 60,000 people, the implementation of over 15,000 LED fittings that can be controlled and regulated appropriately will create an all-new visual experience and atmosphere for those coming to watch a game at the stadium. This will equally allow for the mixing of music with lighting to allow for even more spectacular pre-match shows that the stadium usually puts on, and the wonderful theatrical potential of the stadium will be used to the fullest now that the implementation of these new light fittings is going ahead.

Perhaps even more impressively, it has been shown that the floodlights themselves, now that they have been implemented with LED, will be able to achieve the visual standards found on High Definition Television screens, a fantastic achievement for the stadium that all the fans in attendance, wherever they are placed, will be able to experience in their masses. Whether used as a sports venue or a rock musical concert space, the floodgates of new possibilities have been opened thanks to Phillips Lighting’s initiative to implement this quality new lighting system.


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Phillips Lighting Unravel “Fans-First” Project
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