SSM Earns Competition to Build on Taby Park land

One of the leading development businesses in the building world in Britain that seeks to build more and more residences for people around the country, SSM Holding AB, has recently won a competition that will enable it to oversee the work on a grand total of 270 brand new residential and storage apartments in Sweden. In total, no less than 180 of these apartments will be used for rent and customers are expected to be able to move into this brand new location in 2020.

The works themselves beginning two years earlier is excellent news for the Taby Park area located in Stockholm, the capital city of the Scandinavian country. It has been said that the Taby Park area overall will, by the time work and development is complete, be home to a minimum of 6,000 residential apartments as well as 4 to 5,000 office spaces and workshops for employment. What is evidently clear from this is that Taby Park will be a business hub for the country by the end of the next few years provided that the building and construction goes as planned, and SSM are already working hard to work through the development and planning stages to make sure that they are able to achieve these ambitious aims.

Indeed, the competition itself means that SSM will be involved in the building and construction of 450 houses and area for commerce and retail, and Mattias Roos the Chief Executive Officer of the company is confident that Taby Park’s location is ideal to the kind of clientele that companies like SSM cater towards, who tend to be individuals wanting to be within close range of the bustling city metropolis. Indeed, it would seem that Taby Park is an ideal location for a development of this kind to occur, since its proximity to Galoppfaltet station makes it an ideal location for those wanting to commute in and around Stockholm.

SSM Earns Competition to Build on Taby Park land

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SSM Earns Competition to Build on Taby Park land
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