Bildurn Properties is a Leading Property Developer Based in Nottingham

Bildurn Properties is a leading property developer based in Nottingham. Employing a team of 11 people, the development company is well known locally for individual creations like Lace Market Square and Cobden Chambers in Nottingham. Another jewel in the crown of Bildurn Property developer as is the Pod. The Pod is located in Nottingham City Centre that provides a variety of different services like retail and hotels, as well as 19,000 square feet of office space inside a unique and attention grabbing shell.

The Urban real estate development company is marking the UK’s tenth annual National Apprenticeship Week by placing three luck apprentices at the heart of its plans for the future. Their plans will involve investing over £60,000 in their professional development.

One of the chosen apprentices is Jay Keating. Keating is a 21 year old who will soon complete his first year of training with Bildurn Properties. Jay has already been involved with some major projects including Cobden Chambers and Bildurn’s development of the Gresham Hotel into apartments. After completing his GCSEs and A levels, Jay joined Bildurn after deciding that university was not for him. By undertaking the qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Building, a wide variety of career paths are available. After becoming professionally qualified with different skills there is potential to go into management or to specialise in a preferred skill.

Bildurn invests in apprentices by paying them three times the wage of the average apprentice. The directors believed this was a way to show their appreciation, and make them feel like a valued part of the company. The Apprentices train on sit four days a week and then spend the other one day a week at NCN.

One of the leaders in Bildurn’s investment in training apprentices is Mike Tuck. He is the Head of the Projects and Construction department, and believes in this investment because he got in to the retail development industry this way.

Bildurn Properties is a Leading Property Developer Based in Nottingham

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Bildurn Properties is a Leading Property Developer Based in Nottingham
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