Gasket-Free BPHE Improves Energy Efficiency

Year after year the heating and cooling of various residential and commercial buildings has been known to consume vast amounts of energy, therefore finding better alternatives to produce resilient, high-performance buildings that are more energy efficient is now key in construction. This is the reason why the popularity of district heating networks is growing rapidly, and Swedish business SWEP International has created the perfect solution with its brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE).

The installation of district heating and cooling networks such as the BPHE means that there is the potential to significantly reduce both costs and your carbon footprint, and thanks to recent technological improvements the building of these networks has been made much easier. The BPHE is now the most common heat exchanger technology in Europe’s district energy network, with this innovative technology being used mainly for heating substations and tap water stations.

The BPHE is assembled using brazing technology, and 95% of its material is used for heat transfer which makes this the most energy efficient method, with the advantages quite clear for all to see in comparison to the traditional gasket-plate heat exchanger (PHE). Over the period of 15-20 years, the life cycle cost of the BHPE can be as much as half the cost of the traditional solutions; therefore it really is a win win for companies using this technology.

The high-capacity B649 heat exchanger has also been specifically designed by SWEP to work well with applications that demand close temperature approaches at high operating pressures, and this is available in three different pressure classes, with the same capacity of PHEs but at half the weight and with the same reduced carbon footprint of the alternative technologies.

SWEP will be exhibiting these innovations at the Ecobuild Exhibition at the Excel in London from 7th to 9th March, so if you want to see more about the high-capacity B649 unit and the BPHE technology then the company is welcoming visitors to the stand next month!

Gasket-Free BPHE Improves Energy Efficiency

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Gasket-Free BPHE Improves Energy Efficiency
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