Government Announced to Meet a Demand 250,000 Affordable Homes

The Government has announced that in order to meet demand, 250,000 affordable homes are needed every year. In order to deal with this high demand for housing, some local authorities are looking at new and innovative ways that will allow them to restore and renovate existing properties.

It has been revealed that over the last 12 months, approximately £120 million has been invested in to the renovation of social housing. This is on top of the £30 million regeneration project in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. This investment is proving successful in maintaining the Council’s housing stock at a very high standard.

The five-year scheme is intended to provide the 6,800 properties that are part of the Ashfield District Council’s housing stock with the improvements that they need. The work that is taking place in this area is set to be carried out by J Tomlinson Limited, a construction services company which is based in Beeston, near Nottingham.

Since the contract was awarded about 2,500 homes and tenants have been able to benefit from the various works needed. These works included replacement Kitchens, Bathrooms, central heating systems, windows, external doors and roofing. All these will make the tenants lives so much better as it will improve the overall comfort of the homes. These improvements could also lead to a reduction in fuel bills, especially work to improve the window, external doors and roofs of properties.

The roofing work was carried out by Russell Roof Tiles. The tile company worked closely with J Tomlinson and their contractor Avonside Group in order to fit tiles that matched the original roof and yet are sustainable. The tiles used were concrete which means that they should last a long time as well as provide a consistency of colour and style. Using these tiles will be a cost effective, hard wearing option that are also sustainable.

Government Announced to Meet a Demand 250,000 Affordable Homes

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Government Announced to Meet a Demand 250,000 Affordable Homes
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