Novus has Been Part of the Successful Launch of a Banking Project

Novus, the refurbishment and new build contractor has been a part of the successful launch of a banking project taking place at a secondary school located in Stoke-on-Trent. Novus Property Solutions was an instrumental part of the work that has taken place at Thistley Hough Academy. With their help, the school has opened its own bank by constructing the new on facility for the school. The project also received help from The Hanley Economic Building Society. The facility will aim to teach students life skills by helping them manage their money.

Novus Property Solutions employs 1000 people and aims to provide maintenance, refurbishment and building services across the leisure, commercial, housing, retail, education and healthcare sectors.

The Bank was built on the site of the school in just five days. The new building is located in an area of the school premises that was not being used. The pupils at the school will be able to open their own Thistley Dollars accounts, and they will also be able to manage these accounts online. The Novus Chairman has donated £1 to every student that opens an account with the new bank.

This is not the first project taken on between Thistley Hough and Novus. There has been a number of collaborations as part of the academy’s Business Class. This national and education focused initiative is being driven by Business in the Community, a Price of Wales’ Charity.

This new facility offers the opportunity to students to open a bank account and also learn how to manage their money, a very important life skill. This scheme is vital to arm children with real life applicable finance skills that are crucial in later life and long after they have left school.

The banking project is turning out to be very popular, with more than 200 students already signed up and more students opening their accounts every day.

Novus has Been Part of the Successful Launch of a Banking Project

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Novus has Been Part of the Successful Launch of a Banking Project
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