Adlington Announced That They Will Be Opening Seven New Sites This Year

Adlington, a developer of both communities and luxury apartments that are designed for a target audience of people over 60, has announced that they will be opening seven new sites this year. This investment of over £80 million should lead to the creation of 385 new homes based around the North West and Staffordshire. It is thought that these seven developments will create 175 local jobs as a full time and multidisciplinary team will be needed to design Adlington’s buildings. There will also be subcontracting opportunities for a wide variety of trades during the construction sections of the projects.

The projects that have been announced by Adlington will be a welcome and significant boost to the local economies. The number of different developments include Adlington House which is located in Urmston and also be Brooklands House in Stafford, both of these projects are under construction. There are also five other locations for Adlington projects which include Macclesfield, Cheadle, Southport, Ramsbottom and Romiley.

Adlington will be developing homes specifically designed for older people. The plans for the developments highlight the demand there is for such specific properties and it is hoped that Adlington’s expansion and new developments will be able to address some of the concern in this area of the property market. Concerns has been raised in a Housing Whitepaper that independent but suitable retirement living accommodation for the older generation is needed.

The plans laid out by Adlington have shown the company’s commitment to expanding and developing the retirement development sector. The company has also invested in two new recruits in order to expand their team. Alan Smith is joining Adlington after taking on a director’s role at Caulmert. Smith has been appointed as a structural engineer and will bring several years’ experience of construction as well as a broad knowledge of the industry. Jonothan Croft has also joined as the Senior Land Manager and will add 20 years of experience of the retirement development industry to Adlington.

Adlington Announced That They Will Be Opening Seven New Sites This Year

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Adlington Announced That They Will Be Opening Seven New Sites This Year
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