Smarter Home Energy Products and Services Geo Has Been Awarded

The developer of smarter home energy products and services, geo, has been awarded a 2017 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. These award celebrates the technical achievement and business success of the Cambridge based energy product provider as well as the progress that they have made while introducing such groundbreaking equipment that will help consumers control and reduce their energy usage.

geo is a company that focuses on delivering energy data for homes that will allow the consumer to understand and take action in order to reduce their energy usage. With concerns growing around climate change, products that can help consumers cut back on the energy that they are using could lead to more sustainable living practices.

The co-founders of geo are Patrick Caiger-Smith and Simon Anderson. The company was started eleven years ago and since then the company has worked to design and develop products that are highly innovative. The first product to be developed by the company was the Solo in home energy monitor. It is this product that has led to the company being recognised as part of the Queen’s Award. The idea behind the Solo product was to show consumers how much electricity they are using. The device is easy to operate and allows the users to gain information about their energy usage that is actually meaningful. The Solo product has been created to be beautiful as well as simple and also delivers significant data that can be captured and moved on to a cloud based system that can allow the customer to store and analyse their data and better understand their energy usage.

geo was awarded the Queen’s Award because of their ability to illustrate the innovation that went in to producing the Solo. The product has also been influential for the business in allowing it to be developed, boosting opportunities for other products, and the response from the users and the Department of Energy and Climate Change who are encouraged to promote and use the product to change their energy uses.

Smarter Home Energy Products and Services Geo Has Been Awarded

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Smarter Home Energy Products and Services Geo Has Been Awarded
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