Taking Safety Beyond Compliance: DuPont Announces SafeStart® UK Courses in May 2017

DuPont Sustainable Solutions will demonstrate its commitment to improving personal safety skills globally by hosting the SafeStart® UK introductory workshop at the Ramada Hotel Birmingham, 16th– 17th May 2017.

Although your organisation is likely to have a safety programme already in place to ensure compliance with relevant standards and legislation, employees simply being aware of the correct rules and procedures is not enough to prevent accidents from happening.  Many workplace incidents are influenced by the state of mind of individual employees at a particular moment in time. If individuals do not have their eyes and mind completely on the task in hand they may make critical errors and poor decisions, costing businesses time and money. How can this be avoided?

SafeStart® is an all-encompassing personal safety culture programme created to combat this issue and enable individuals to understand how different states of mind impact and increase the risk of accidents and personal injury.  The programme improves safety awareness and personal safety skills, ultimately reducing errors and incidents in all aspects of an individual’s life. SafeStart®’s proven concepts are able to:

  • Address common safety issues
  • Reduce workplace injuries by 50% on average
  • Increase PPE and overall safety compliance
  • Improve morale and participation in safety culture
  • Save your company hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Boost quality and productivity

The two-day event in Birmingham will be hosted by world leading safety experts from DuPont Sustainable Solutions including Jerome Hart, UK & Ireland Market Leader, David Hughes, Senior Consultant and Europe SafeStart® Programme Leader, and Mieke Jacobs, Senior Advisor and former head of Employee Safety.  On Day 1, the ‘Public Workshop’ will provide a SafeStart® programme overview and introduction, enabling delegates to understand key topics and concepts. The benefits of the programme will also be highlighted, focusing on improvements in morale, productivity, quality and team communication; as well as financial savings.

On Day 2 in the ‘Train the Trainer’ session, delegates will learn how to utilise the SafeStart® programme techniques and supporting material, improving safety awareness, and providing skills to identify the patterns that lead to injury. Jerome Hart, UK Market Leader at DuPont said, “When safety awareness is up, injuries are down. Implemented at more than 10,000 sites globally in thirty-two languages, used to train 3,000,000 people, SafeStart® is deservedly one of the most successful safety training programmes in the world. We are delighted to be hosting this UK event with the SafeStart® team. If you are keen to elevate your traditional safety programmes and instil new attitudes within your workplace that will improve outcomes, please register to attend.”

For more information or to secure your attendance at this important event visit: http://bit.ly/safestart517.

Contact: Chloe Denty

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Taking Safety Beyond Compliance: DuPont Announces SafeStart® UK Courses in May 2017
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