A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers

A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers

Salix Homes, a social housing provider, sought legal action against Francis O’Donnell, a man who threatened housing workers at a gypsy and traveller site in Salford. He manifested aggressive and violent behaviours towards members of staff.

“He began clenching his fists and I could see he was becoming very agitated and potentially violent by his body language. I felt intimidated and felt in danger for the safety of myself and my colleague,” said a housing worker in a witness statement.

At the court hearing at Manchester Civil Justice Centre, it got found out that O’Donnell shouted expletives and threatened to ‘bang’ a housing worker and get him sacked during one incident at the Duchy Road Caravan Park in Salford on the 3rd of January this year. The court also heard that during another exchange, Salix Homes advised the man to complete an application form so he can move on to the site, to which he replied he would move there ‘whether you like it or not’ and said in a threatening manner to one of the workers that he would ‘see you again’.

O’Donnell was granted a six month Injunction Order, with Power of Arrest, which prohibits him from entering the gypsy and traveller site and from threatening or being violent with any employees or contractors of Salix Homes. This decision will stay in place until the 4th of July.

“Salix Homes will not tolerate violence or aggressive behaviour towards our employees, when they are simply doing their job,” said Sue Sutton, Executive Director of Operations at Salix Homes. “We welcome the judge’s decision to grant an Injunction Order in this case and I hope it sends out a very clear message that we take all reports of anti-social behaviour incredibly seriously and we will not hesitate to take swift action where necessary.”

A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers
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A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers

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A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers
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A Man from Salford Threatened Housing Workers