VolkerWessels and Trimble Become BIM Partners

The Trimble technology has been announced as one of the key changes that will improve VolkerWessels’ management and predictability of its projects.

The aim of this collaboration is to advance innovations in building information management (BIM) technology and to improve the quality of the management and predictability of real estate projects and building construction. VolkerWessels’ projects will be standardised on a set of Trimble construction technologies.

“Our close collaboration with VolkerWessels enables both companies to innovate while driving greater value in the design, build and operate phases of construction,” said Roz Buick, vice president at Trimble. “We greatly value this key customer relationship enabling us both to seek insights for buildings, infrastructure and real estate asset industries.”

Trimble’s role in this partnership will be to work closely with VolkerWessels’ stakeholders so that it could gather real-world feedback to continue the innovation in BIM-centric construction. Professional and integration services performed by Trimble and Construsoft, a Trimble integrator based in the Netherlands, are also part of the deal, in addition to the purchase of construction technologies.

“Trimble excels at providing putting construction data to work,” said Marinus den Harder, director of construction and real estate development at VolkerWessels. “Trimble’s data-centric approach to BIM provides us with analytics and business intelligence that we can use to extend our competitive advantage.”

Trimble is a provider of technologies for civil and building construction management. It has a full range of tools and its personal approach on how to manage construction activities and team collaboration; skills that help its customers achieve operational excellence. VolkerWessels will be using Trimble ProjectSight for construction management and Trimble Connect software as a central collaboration platform to streamline the sharing of construction models, data and project information between key project stakeholders.

VolkerWessels is a leading construction firm and global player in the field of information and communications technologies. It is a Dutch group of companies with 16,000 employees and about 120 companies and offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Canada, and the United States.


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VolkerWessels and Trimble Become BIM Partners
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