Technology in Smart Cities—The Innovations of the Future

Technology in Smart Cities—The Innovations of the Future

An exciting chapter awaits modern society as technology transforms city living. Much of what the average citizen has been used to for the past few decades will change. Are you ready for what’s coming?

It’s called Smart City living and these developed urban areas will make life easier for everyone involved:

  • Citizens
  • The government that needs to respond to citizens’ needs and requests
  • Visitors to a new city
  • Even the environment will experience some much needed relief

So while many believe technology negatively impacts society, a technologically driven Smart city will paint a different picture. And the changes are exciting! Let’s prepare you for what’s to come.

What Sparked the Change?

Firstly it’s important to understand why this movement should be compulsory for all modern societies. Let’s have respect for the change so we don’t ever abuse it.

It’s a known fact that industrialization puts the environment under pressure and technology tends to rule society. Most modern citizens also experience a lot of frustration with local government. The good news is that the smart use of technology can alleviate many of these problems:

  • Less pressure should be placed on the environment and technology enables sustainable infrastructures.
  • When communication tools are used correctly government can draw the right data so they can respond to citizens’ needs more dynamically. Increased contact between the two parties leads to less misunderstandings and frustration.
  • With many cities struggling to meet budget restraints it’s necessary to find cheaper ways of doing things. Technology is the solution here as well.

These are the motivations behind Smart City features and why all cities should consider this. If you’re looking for some personal motivation, have a look at these innovations. They’re bound to make your city not only more practical, but much more fun and enjoyable to live in.

The Innovations Future Citizens Will Enjoy

While some aspects can already be found in some Smart cities such as Amsterdam and Tokyo, other technology is still in development.

It’s inspiring to see new inventors of the young generation identifying changes. They grew up in a tech driven society. For them a technologically driven society is the norm and they have fresh ideas on how tech can develop even more for everyone’s benefit.

Let’s Cool Down

The first thing to understand about advanced cities is that there is an important reason behind every change or invention. These advances in technology aren’t simply fuelled by pleasure or entertainment.

One aspect relates to an attempt to cool down modern cities:

  • Some cities attempt to increase tree canopies with 50%. This will look great, but they also add more shade and help temperatures drop. Some buildings can also have gardens and trees on top or on specially designed structures. This helps to keep the building cool.
  • Cities can use unique substances to cover roads instead of tar. When you use lighter shades on roads and sidewalks less heat will be absorbed.

Why is this a necessary change? Because urban areas are proven to be hotter than other spaces and because of global warming cities need to find a solution to combat the problem. Another advantage the moment we cool down buildings in alternative ways is that we’ll use air conditioning system less which saves energy.

Next Level Automation

Speed is a major motivation behind many modern inventions. People want things quickly whether it’s shopping for appliances online or when they’re in the mood for take away food. And what makes things happen faster? When you automate steps in the process.

In future most citizens will benefit from faster services. When emergency services don’t have to wait for someone to report a problem or send out personnel to look for challenges—potholes, broken lights or traffic accidents—these disruptions will be dealt with sooner than you’re used to at the moment.

Thanks to technology automatic problem reporting becomes a reality. Sensors can tell when it’s time to clean a garbage can or to fix a traffic light without anyone even noticing there’s a challenge yet.

Even parking can be sourced and paid for instantly. Get ready to complain less—not more—about your public servants from now on.

Data About Everything

But what will be behind all these changes? How is it possible?

This is one of the main features of a modern cities: Mass collection of data or as it’s called ‘Big Data’. Cities will build infrastructures that enable them to draw this information from features in the city such as traffic. People will also provide data. This happens via SmartPhones, people using public Wi-Fi and accessing cities’ apps for certain services.

Tech such as AI can analyze data and draw information which local government can use to everyone’s benefit.

Many people fear this will create security risks, but city leaders have already thought of solutions here:

  • Cities can ensure data is anonymized
  • They can focus on data that doesn’t identify individuals

Citizens should embrace the opportunity to communicate with authorities more effectively.

AI and Machine Learning

Are you ready to see the realities of what modern technology can do? Advanced cities will most probably be the environment in which most people will realize the technology they’re used to seeing in movies can actually become part of daily living.

Imagine a camera that gives you information about traffic, accidents and more without anyone even looking at the recording. That’s possible when AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning start being used to manage traffic problems.

It’s still in its development phases but the technology exists to use CCTV cameras to monitor traffic congestion. AI can analyze movement and gauge what the norm in a certain environment is. The moment there’s a disruption in traffic flow it can send an alert so emergency vehicles can be dispatched.


Doesn’t this excite you? We already allow technology into so many aspects of our lives. Isn’t it time it improves our daily experiences and solves a few problems we’ve been grinding our teeth about for so long? Get ready. The future is here.

Technology in Smart Cities—The Innovations of the Future

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Technology in Smart Cities—The Innovations of the Future
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