5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

From Burj Khalifa – the planet’s tallest building – to Italy’s historical Colosseum, the world is already home to some truly remarkable buildings and stunning feats of engineering. But, you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

Thanks to the continual progression of technology, we are now seeing more and more innovative buildings being approved, planned and constructed. What used to be architectural impossibilities are now becoming possible, and the world is a much better place for it.

But where exactly are these new and improved structures being built, I hear you ask? Well, listed below are six of the main structures currently under construction, due to open to the public over the coming months and years.


5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

Source: The Urban Developer

  1. Jeddah Tower. Saudi Arabia.

When Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower opens next year, it will stand 236 feet higher than Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa and become the tallest skyscraper in the world. Coming in at a cool £1.1 billion, the landmark will be the crown jewel of Jeddah’s Economic City – a 5.3-million square metre residential project featuring homes, hotels, offices and, of course, tourist attractions.

However, becoming the world’s tallest building won’t be the only record it will break. It will also house record-breaking elevators capable of reaching heights of up to 2,165 feet (the same height as Kuala Lumpur’s Merdeka PNB 118 tower). Not only that, but it will also boast 252 stories and feature the world’s highest observation deck – 2,178 feet off the ground.


5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

Source: Deadline

  • Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Los Angeles.

Due to open in late 2019, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be an £344 million museum boasting nearly 200,000 film assets and over 100,000 pieces of production art. Based in the heart of Los Angeles at the intersection between Fairfax Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard, the museum is designed by famed architect Renzo Piano and has experienced several delays in its construction.

Originally slated to be complete by 2017, the museum’s construction has been fairly complicated and has involved renovating a 1939 LA landmark, constructing a new 1,500-panel glass dome spherical structure, and joining them both together. Once this has been done, the result will be a spectacular public and exhibition space spread across 300,000 square-feet.


5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

Source: CNN

  • The Museum of the Future. Dubai.

Already home to the world’s tallest building (well, soon to be second), Dubai is renowned for pushing the boundaries when it comes to architecture. Their new museum – as designed by Killa Design – now looks to cement that reputation.

The Museum of the Future’s design features a torus shaped structure covered in reflective metal. Upon this metal there will be multiple inscriptions of Arabic calligraphy, and an oval shape will be cut out of the centre. When it’s ready to be opened, the building will become home to Dubai’s futuristic designs and innovative projects.


5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

Source: Skyrise Vancouver

  • Vancouver House. Canada.

While it may only become Vancouver’s fourth tallest structure, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels’ Vancouver House will certainly be one of its most unique. The 500-foot tower will perform an almost-disappearing act thanks to its gravity defying tapering silhouette; its base is designed to feature a narrow triangular base which slowly becomes more and more rectangular as it moves skyward.

Slated to open in the spring, the 500-unit building will also have a public plaza built next to it, capable of accommodating up to 2,800 people. Within this structure will be a number of spectacular examples of chandelier-inspired artwork and I’m guessing, once opened, a ton of tourists.


5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

Source: Aleteia

  • La Sagrada Familia. Spain.

OK, so this one isn’t really a ‘new’ building as such, but in 2026, Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece will finally be completed.

Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia is known the world over for its gothic architectural prowess and reputation for being unfinished’. After work started on the Roman Catholic church all the way back in 1882, Gaudi took over as chief architect a year later and dedicated the rest of his life to the project.

Following his untimely death in 1926, his vision was less than a quarter complete and, as a result, the project’s construction substantially slowed. This was due to a combination of things: first, the work was reliant on private donations; and second, Gaudi’s original plans were largely destroyed during the Spanish civil war. This, in turn, lead to significant delays in finishing off the structure.

The work is now expected to be completed in 2026, a century after Gaudi’s death, with the finalised church set to become one of, if not, the most unique feats of architecture across the planet.

5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction
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5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction

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5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction
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5 Incredible Buildings Currently Under Construction