How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry

How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry

How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry

Technology for the construction industry is tipping the scales as technology infiltrates the entire industry. Reports reveal that the global contech economy is estimated at $6.1 billion, and is on the road to further growth. For the construction industry, this is a much-needed boost in terms of making the industry a little less fickle and more secure. When the construction industry thrives, it sets the tone for further growth in the economy. Whether the technology is geared towards safety applications or to manage the site as a turnkey operation, the possibilities stretch far beyond CAD and the motorization of construction equipment. 

Reducing Site Downtime 

One of the hardest hitters in the construction industry is the effective management of productivity on site. Whether the site is plagued by injuries or strikes, employee truancy or natural events, missing deadlines can have far-reaching effects on a construction project. Construction site management can now rely on technology to manage the productivity of the site, thanks to apps and software that integrate with the project scope and do away with some of the most admin and time-intensive issues on site. These include request for information (RFI) slips, time sheets, and even human resources and occupational health and safety processes. 

Introducing The Right Solutions First Time 

Rework on a construction site not only wastes valuable time, but also has the potential to drain other resources and ruin the firm’s reputation. One of the areas where sites can face substantial downtime is where components integral to the site are fabricated off-site. These could include special balustrades, gates, and even rods and bolts for intricate design details. Made CNC describes the fabrication process as the heart of the industry, and thanks to technology, the time needed for fabrication can be reduced significantly. Technology combined with machine learning, for instance, can also ensure that the components are site-specific and take into consideration the natural shape of a site. Modern construction sites often integrate their design into the landscape, which often means building around natural granite or using the flow of the land to dictate the design. 

Improving Site Safety 

One of the most integral components of a successful construction site is site safety. While there are innumerable safety measures on these sites, human error sometimes comes into play, and can compromise the safety of an individual or an entire team. Contech developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide sites with an added layer of security by connecting each section of the site. The use of sensors and compatible software can alert the individual or team that there is a safety breach or potential hazard. If you include AI in this setup, it can also collect valuable data to indicate sensitive areas on the site that workers need to pay special attention to. 

The evolution of the construction industry is exciting, and with contech gaining momentum, some interesting construction feats are already making their appearance.

How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry
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How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry

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How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry
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How Contech Is Shaping The Construction Industry