Hardest Areas to Clean in a Home

Hardest Areas to Clean in a Home

There is no doubt that keeping one’s home clean and tidy is a pretty strenuous and challenging endeavour. There are parts of each property that are being inhabited for a prolonged period of time and are generally harder to clean and keep organised than others. So, you are going to out in a little more persistence and effort in order to make them look as good as you want and need them to be. Fortunately, if you come prepared with the right tools and supplies, and you know what you are going to have to do, you should not have as much trouble achieving your goals as you may think. Let us take a look at some of the parts of your home that require the most diligence and energy to maintain in their best possible shape and condition.

The place where you prepare your food

Arguably the most important part of almost any household is the kitchen. It is the place where you are most likely to spend the majority of your time when at home – cooking, eating, or simply sharing time with your family. As the spot in which you prepare the food that sustains you and your family, it is of utmost importance that you keep it immaculately sanitised at all times. The kitchen is one of the few places that you might have to clean daily if you want to maintain it in a condition that is acceptable. The area around the oven and the oven itself are the two toughest places to keep shiny, especially if you do not wipe and wash them after the preparation of every meal. Many items can compromise the sanitary standards there, including but not limited to:

  • Grease
  • Food splatter
  • Spills
  • Dust
  • Insects attracted by the organic matter

Wiping every surface as soon as it gets even a little bit dirty is your best course of action in order to maintain a beautiful, clean kitchen that is safe to operate in. Pay attention to the fridge at least once a week too, and wipe the inside of all cupboards monthly for optimal results.

Carpets – everywhere

Carpets and area rugs are beautiful, for sure, but they are also a nightmare to keep clean and healthy. Dust and other types of dirt tend to build up deep into the fabrics of carpets and rugs that are not cleaned properly. Dog hair and pet stains of various nature can also cause problems such as allergies, asthma attacks, etc. So, do not wait too long to vacuum your carpets – do it at least a couple of times a week if you cannot spare the time to vacuum daily. Stains are also to be removed right away – baking soda, white vinegar and water concoction is a good homemade solution for nearly all stains that you can think of. Have the number of a reliable carpet cleaning service in London for really tough cases in which conventional methods do not work.


There is no need to tell you that the place where you lay your head at night is crucial not only for the quality of your sleep but for your health in general as well. Mattresses are a hotbed for bacteria and allergens and the only way to prevent damage to your overall health condition caused by dirty mattresses is to clean them. Unfortunately, many people overlook this until it is too late, which makes mattresses pretty hard to keep clean. Vacuuming and dusting them is a must, as well as the removal of any stains that may occur while you are using them. Flipping the mattress once every couple of months is also a pretty good idea. You might need some specialised tools or better yet, professional cleaning service to achieve the best results that you hope for.

The area around the shower

There is a popular misconception that the toilet bowl is the dirtiest place in one’s home. Surprisingly for some, this is far from being the case. Due to the frequency with which most people clean their toilets, and the heavy-duty products that are being used, they are actually relatively clean. This is rarely the case with the shower and the area surrounding it. Scum and other unpleasant entities tend to build up there, mildew is formed on the shower curtain and they silently but rather truthfully endanger your health. Make sure to roll up your sleeves and carefully and thoroughly clean every corner in your shower at least once a week. The process is strenuous and might take you up to an hour for even a relatively small area because you will have to scrub every inch in there to make sure the scum is gone. Don’t forget to open a window or to at least keep the ventilation system on because the fumes of commercially-made detergents might pose considerable risks to your health.

Table: Important chores and when to do them*

DailyVacuum carpets, wash the dishes, clean table tops in kitchen
WeeklyWash floors, laundry, dusting, change bed sheets, scrub toilets
Bi-monthlyDeep clean appliances, arrange wardrobe, clean inside of furniture
MonthlyDust ceiling fans, clean light fixtures, clean air vents, wash windows

*May vary depending on your household’s size and specific requirements


The windows in one’s home are often overlooked, simply because window cleaning is not among the chores people are used to doing often. In order to properly clean your windows – thus improving the quality of light and air entering your household, you need proper access to them, and a safe one too, which can be a problem if you live on a high floor. Using tools such as ladders and long-handled brushes and clothes is what makes cleaning windows so tough. Also, it usually goes with curtain cleaning which can be a drag especially since a few households have access to tools such as those used by professional cleaners – that allow curtain cleaning without taking down the curtains themselves.

Of course if you consider your time of higher importance and you reside in London you can always book with trustworthy London cleaners such as Johnson’s in London

In any case, even the toughest spots to clean should not cause you much of a headache if you come to them prepared with the right attitude, tools of the trade and some basic cleaning skills.

Hardest Areas to Clean in a Home

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Hardest Areas to Clean in a Home
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