Holy Family National School

The education sector is one where building infrastructure has to be particularly robust across all elements including heating and pipework system.

Leading manufacturer of integrated piping systems, Pegler, now offers its VSH PowerPress system across the UK and Irish market and Holy Family National School in Swords, County Dublin was just one establishment which reaped the benefits from the specification and installation of this product selection; a thick wall steel pipe and press fitting range.

“Our VSH PowerPress is revolutionising installations that require robust piping systems but, is also proving a huge hit with installers who reap the benefit of speedy installations,” said Amy French, Product Manager, Pegler. “It was particularly suitable for this exposed pipe installation and its fail-safe leak before press indicator and advanced ‘O’ ring protection sets it apart from other systems in terms of reliability and performance.”

Amara Engineering was the M&E contractor who were tasked with installing services to the six classroom extension at the 1400 pupil school which replaced ageing temporary accommodation. The additional facilities have made a significant impact on the pupils and their families in the local community and the heat free, speedy installation offered by VSH PowerPress ensured a timely install whilst complete safety of the site, especially as there was considerable timber used in the construction. Furthermore, the change from threaded and welded joints system that would have historically been specified, has shown the reliability and ease of installation offered by VSH PowerPress.

“We would highly recommend VSH PowerPress and would have no concerns in using this product again in the future,” said a representative from Amara Engineering. “We have no doubt that this product will replace traditional methods of mild steel pipework installation in the future due to its ease of installation, time savings and removing the need for hot works permits and all that is associated with them. Our team have now become skilled at installing this system after training from the Pegler team.”

The range gives great flexibility in a wide range of applications and is available in sizes ½” to 2.

For further information visit https://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/en/home

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